I am a member of the robotics club in my school and I am also a part of the school's senior robotics team as the head programmer. We have been attending various competitions since our 8th grade and have one the 1st Prize in the State level tournament and the best programmer award in the national level tournament. Some of the competitions we have gone to are: FLL, Robocup rescue competition, IRO and other inter school tournaments. 

Computer Programming

I have liked computer science for a long time and I knew that I wanted to pursue something in this subject ever since I was little. I have come to learn multiple programming languages such as python, java, c#, JavaScript, SQL and HTML. I like using these languages to implement solutions in robots and I find it fun exploring different syntax.


I have played the keyboard and piano ever since 3rd grade and I have done both Trinity and ABRSM Examinations. I have passed the ABRSM Grade 3 Piano exam and I stopped playing for an year. I have once again started to play without taking the examinations.

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I owned a YouTube channel named "TeraByte" where I would post technology and gaming videos. In these videos I reviewed products or talked about upcoming or new software and hardware that have recently come out. I had also created comedic skits about technology or gaming topics. I had become proficient in both cinematography and editing of videos and photos from this experience.

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I speak English fluently and is my commonly used language. I have also learned french for 8 years and can write essays and converse. I am have been learning Spanish and Japanese for less than a year although I can converse in Japanese. I can converse in Japanese as I have picked up and learned words from anime but I am currently learning to write them.


I have played a lot of sports but not have devoted myself to a single one. I am a part of the school relay team for my house (sapphire house) and I have won silver and bronze medals with the team. I have mainly played table tennis, basketball and tennis although my favorite is table tennis.