About Me

My Experience


I am currently in my senior year of high school where I am studying to attain a diploma from the International Baccalaureate (IB) Course. I take a variety of subjects focused mainly on the sciences as that is where my interest lies. I take Standard Level English Language and Literature, Psychology and Spanish Ab Initio. I also take Higher Level Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. 


My Skillset


 As far as skills go I excel at computer programming involving logic as I like to find intuitive solutions to difficult problems. I am also good at robotics as I can successfully implement the solutions from computer programming to hardware to complete various tasks. I am skilful at the piano and have practised and learned music theory. I am also very knowledgeable with cinematography as I have a YouTube channel where I had uploaded Technology and Gaming videos. I am learning and can currently speak in English, French, Japanese and Spanish. 


My Passions


 I LOVE Anime and it has influenced my life in a lot of ways. It made me think of deeper concepts and introduced me to philosophy through its roundabout but amazing plots and the beautiful yet emotional animation. I love music which showcases the emotions of the song through the instruments. I also like natural photography as I believe that there is a certain beauty in nature that speaks to me and often allows me to relive that feeling when looking back at it. All of this has lead up to my interest and passion in pursuing Sentience and A.I.