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Can robotic units become sentient? Sentience at its core is the ability to perceive and understand which allows us to create memories and these memories or experiences make up our understanding. Personalities are born from different experiences and decisions. The first step to robotic sentience is to allow robots to create memories.

I am exploring the Evolution of robotic lifeforms and at the same time discovering what it means to be truly human. My research and the creative projects (Manga + Anime + Music) born from Anthrobotics is to show what it means to feel and connect, to reach Mono no aware ( 物の哀れ ).  To reach Mono no aware is a goal not only for robotic sentience but for us, as our societies are moving away from the pathos of things. Knowing that ‘what is beautiful’ comes to an end brings out a crucial element of the human personality. This realization is what makes us human. We feel that we are on borrowed time, and so experience and interactions (connections) take on a poignancy that creates memory and joy, sorrow. These moments become alive, and thus we become truly alive; and eternity is reached through transcending into these memories and beyond.

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MIT Solve 2018

The Soul in the Machine

 Moving to great feats, space and A.I, it is Mono no Aware that grounds us, our roots, our meaning. 

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This is my interview with Jordan Sadan about "So, you want to be an Anthroboticist?"

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